Johannes Brahms Symphony n.1 in C minor op.68 14 - 28 November 2017

Project and tour graciously sponsored by BPER Banca for its 150th anniversary.

With Beethoven's music we launched Spira's next ten years! Now it is time to resume our journey through Brahms's orchestral works. We get to the First Symphony after studying and playing the Fourth one in two different projects, nevertheless we are quite intimidated by the sheer size and depth of this composition; it is a long musical journey which Brahms conceived, wrote and re-wrote along the arch of more of 15 years. Starting with the timpani explosion, until the horn's distant call of the last movement, Brahms left us a dense and complex score. It will be rather difficult to read and interpret such an important piece, even only trying to scratch its surface. We wil give it a shot in Formigine and in the concert tour that will lead us from Vicenza to Bologna, through Roma, Siena and Bolzano.



Concert Vicenza Società del Quartetto

20/11/2017 20:45
Teatro Comunale (Vicenza Italy) View map

Concert Roma Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti

21/11/2017 20:30
Aula Magna La Sapienza (Roma Italy) View map

Concert Siena Accademia Chigiana

22/11/2017 21:00
Teatro dei Rozzi (Siena Italy) View map

Concert Formigine

24/11/2017 21:00
Polisportiva Formiginese (Formigine Italy) View map

Concert Bolzano Società dei Concerti

26/11/2017 18:00
Auditorium Bolzano (Bolzano Italy)

Concert Bologna Musica Insieme

27/11/2017 20:30
Auditorium Manzoni (Bologna Italy) View map


  • Marina Arrufat Grau Violin
  • Luca Ballabio Trombone
  • Lorenza Borrani Violin
  • Francesco Bossaglia Horn
  • Ursina Braun Cello
  • Laia Braun Violin
  • Maia Cabeza Violin
  • Maria Alba Carmona Tobella Oboe
  • Lluís Casanova Martínez Clarinet
  • Ricardo Jorge Castro E Silva Horn
  • Eleonora Consta Violin
  • Benedetto Dallaglio Horn
  • Anna Charlotte Dibbern Viola
  • Marlene Catharina Dijkstra Violin
  • Paolo Dutto Bassoon
  • Antonio Faillaci Trumpet
  • Michele Fattori Bassoon
  • Erika Ferroni Trumpet
  • Timoti Fregni Violin
  • Olga Hansen Viola
  • Sophia Herbig Violin
  • Caspar Nicolaas Horsch Violin
  • Mirjam Huettner Oboe
  • Julie Perrine Lucie Huguet Flute
  • Simone Jandl Viola
  • Amalie Kjældgaard Kristensen Violin
  • Miriam Kofler Bassoon
  • Katharina Litschig Cello
  • Laura Maniscalco Violin
  • Jon Mikel Valgañon Doublebass
  • Rebeca Maseda Longarela Violin
  • Rosa Montañés Cebriá Percussions
  • Philip Charles Nelson Doublebass
  • Angela Jeanyoung Park Cello
  • Bruno Peterschmitt Horn
  • Francesca Piccioni Viola
  • Adriano Piccioni Doublebass
  • Flavio Placidi Trombone
  • Ghislain Bertrand Pierre Portier Cello
  • Miquel Ramos Salvadó Clarinet
  • Gemma Raneri Violin
  • Marta Santamaria Llavall Flute
  • Paula Sanz Alasa Violin
  • Franziska Schötensack Violin
  • Maurizio Tedesco Trombone
  • Giacomo Tesini Violin
  • Emiliano Travasino Viola
  • Hannah Visser Violin
  • Klara Theresia Wincor Cello