Spira's strength lies in the musicians' collective belief in joining together, several times each year, to study extensively and perform as a group.

So theoretically all that Spira needs to exist is this self-belief.

Without money Spira would exist anyway: but our project is nevertheless an expensive dream.

We are aware that a workshop dedicated only to intense study and rehearsal is quite a luxury in today's musical world: but we would like to have the means to grant this luxury to the largest number of musicians sharing our own vision.

That is why Spira is an expensive project and why we welcome any kind of external support, whether financial or simply practical. There are different ways to support us: providing hospitality, rehearsal facilities, cooking for us or helping us with our travelling.

Above all we welcome donation, however large or small.

Best of all, come to see us at work in Formigine. Join us in our rehearsals and, we hope, be inspired by the Spira experience! It is through your generosity that we are able to thrive.

The association "Amici della Spira mirabilis" (Friends of Spira mirabilis) was set up with the aim of co-ordinating all these different kinds of help.

* L’associazione di Promozione Sociale Spira mirabilis ha beneficiato del ‘Contributo a sostegno di progetti di Promozione culturale’ della Regione Emilia Romagna pari a 28.000,00 euro per il progetto ‘Spira mirabilis 2018’ . Riferimento (art. 5, L.R 37/94 e succ. mod.) anno 2018 contributo di cui alla determina n. 15514 del 27/09/2018.


Friends of Spira mirabilis
Direct Bank transfer
You can use Paypal to make a one-time donation or a recurrent one. Please click on the button below.
To make a donation through wire transfer, use the following instructions:
Bank: Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna
Name on Account: Associazione Spira Mirabilis
Account Number: 00001665425
IBAN: IT90C0538712900000001665425
Branch: via San Carlo 8, Modena, Italy
In the section Description/Reason for payment, please indicate “Erogazione liberale” followed by the name of the donor.
Spira Mirabilis is a Non-Profit Organization: donations are thus tax deductible, according to your country tax laws.
After receiving your donation, we will send you a receipt form to be used for your tax return forms.
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Other: Contact us!

Next Project

Beethovenfest Bonn

02/09/2022 - Beethoven-Haus Bonn (Bonn - Germany)
02/09/2022 - Collegium Leoninum (Bonn - Germany)
02/09/2022 - Viktoriabad (Bonn - Germany)
04/09/2022 - KAT_A (Bad Honnef - Germany)
04/09/2022 - Kunstmuseum Bonn (Bonn - Germany)
08/09/2022 - Pantheon Theatre (Bonn - Germany)
09/09/2022 - Rhein-Sieg-Forum (Siegburg - Germany)

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