Classic style masterclass. Teacher: Lorenzo Coppola 24 - 29 April 2008

On period instruments.

In April 2008 we went to Barcelona to spend a few days with Lorenzo Coppola, a great musician and a wonderful human being. Some of us had met him before at various masterclasses and thought he would be the right person to deepen our knowledge of the classical style. For the first time Spira mirabilis performed on period instruments. Although some of us had previous knowledge of these instruments, for the majority of our musicians it was the first experience, and a quite thrilling one by all means!

During our four-day-long stay, we rehearsed throughout the day with the full orchestra under the supervision of Lorenzo , reading as many different pieces as possible, also finding the time during the breaks to play some chamber music together. Eventually we played two orchestra concerts, including Haydn symphonies n. 47, 97, 99 and 100, a selection of Mozart’s and Rossini arias with soprano Laia Frigolé, and a chamber music concert with pieces for various different ensembles.  It was four quite hectic days but everyone in the orchestra thoroughly enjoyed the experience of both working closely with a very serious and committed musician, and playing these particular instruments. After this project we decided to go back to period instruments periodically, finding it an unique learning experience, and up until now we are also very lucky that Lorenzo has found the time on different occasions to come back and work with us.


Open Performance Barcelona

30/04/2008 20:00
Centre Parroquial de Sant Vicenç de Sarrià (Barcelona Spain) View map

Photo Gallery


  • Anna Aldomà Viola
  • Giulia Barbini Flute
  • Nicola Bignami Violin
  • Lorenza Borrani Violin
  • Francesco Bossaglia Horn
  • Miriam Caldarini Clarinet
  • Michal Duris Violin
  • Michele Fattori Bassoon
  • Luca Franzetti Cello
  • Timoti Fregni Violin
  • Gianni Giangrasso Timpani
  • Gabriele Gombi Bassoon
  • Katharina Hotzenecker Violin
  • Federica Inzoli Oboe
  • Simone Jandl Viola
  • Gunilla Kerrich Violin
  • Andrea Mascetti Violin
  • Ada Meinich Viola
  • Lubo Nedorost Violin
  • Anne Parisot Flute
  • Massimo Pinca Doublebass
  • Michal Stahel Cello
  • Luca Stocco Oboe
  • Giacomo Tesini Violin
  • Tommaso Tesini Cello