Beethoven Symphony n. 6 in F major "Pastoral" 17 - 28 February 2018

Project and tour graciously sponsored by BPER Banca for its 150th anniversary.

It is not always an obvious matter deciding which new piece to study each time:  We try to understand what will be beneficial to us, what type of repertoire we have never approached, which we could explore in more depth, but perhaps more than any of these reasons we look for an idea that will give us butterflies, that feeling you get when you can’t wait to go to an important meeting.  It’s because of this that we sometimes need an inspiration that catalyzes our choice.  Some time ago we listened to a Pastoral from 1937, an historic recording that testified to a way of making music without inhibitions, or complexes.  It seemed as though the symphony was being composed by the musicians in that very moment.  The listening of this interpretation (and of many others from that period) fostered in us a desire to try a more liberal reading of the Pastoral than we had done in the past, but more importantly synchronized each of our individual desires.  It is not our habit to imitate others’ versions, and we will continue not to do so.  On the contrary, we would like to try and approach as unconditioned as possible towards a symphony that more than many others risks becoming trapped in the golden cage of its own (possibly misunderstood) classical purity.  


Concert San Possidonio

20/02/2018 21:00
Palazzurro (San Possidonio (MO) Italy) View map

Concert Naples Associazione Scarlatti

22/02/2018 20:30
Teatro Sannazaro (Napoli Italy) View map

Concert Sassari Cooperativa Teatro e/o Musica

23/02/2018 21:00
Teatro Comunale (Sassari Italy)

Concert L'Aquila Società Barattelli

25/02/2018 18:00
Ridotto del Teatro Comunale "Vittorio Antonellini" (L'Aquila Italy) View map

Concert Formigine

27/02/2018 21:00
Auditorium Spira mirabilis (Formigine Italy)

Concert Cremona

28/02/2018 20:30
Teatro Ponchielli (Cremona Italy) View map


  • Marina Arrufat Grau Violin
  • Diego Andrea Bassi Trumpet
  • Lorenza Borrani Violin
  • Ursina Braun Cello
  • Laia Braun Violin
  • Leonardo Calligaris Bassoon
  • Aurora Cano Soto Viola
  • Pere Cornudella Heras Percussions
  • Benedetto Dallaglio Horn
  • Yolanda Fernandez Anguita Clarinet
  • Erika Ferroni Trumpet
  • Iria Folgado Dopico Oboe
  • Mirjam Huettner Oboe
  • Julie Perrine Lucie Huguet Flute
  • Simone Jandl Viola
  • Carl-Philipp Kaptain Trombone
  • Amalie Kjældgaard Kristensen Violin
  • Anna Krimm Viola
  • Irene Liebau Cello
  • Katharina Litschig Cello
  • David López Ibáñez Violin
  • Ernest Martinez Solà Violin
  • Elena Miliani Flute
  • Andrés Murillo Aydillo Violin
  • Philip Charles Nelson Doublebass
  • Bruno Peterschmitt Horn
  • Francesca Piccioni Viola
  • Alvaro Prieto Perez Bassoon
  • Rocco Roggia Violin
  • Daniel Roscia Clarinet
  • Paula Sanz Alasa Violin
  • Franziska Schötensack Violin
  • Iván Siso Calvo Cello
  • Lara Rosemary Sullivan Violin
  • Maurizio Tedesco Trombone
  • Nicolò Zorzi Doublebass