Le Nozze di Figaro - W. A. Mozart 2022 14 - 19 December 2022

One of the most cherished dreams of the musicians of Spira mirabilis is about to come true.
Since its foundation, Spira mirabilis has cultivated a great desire: to stage 'Le Nozze di Figaro', perfect opera born from the meeting of two kindred geniuses, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte. Now, after fifteen years and almost a hundred projects, we are very close to realizing that wish. The work has already begun. A group of 45 people, made up of musicians from all over Europe and young singers who are already professionally established, has been invited for an initial meeting in Formigine - the home of Spira mirabilis - to begin the study not only of the score, but also of the cross- references between music and words and of the multitude of stories and relationships (difficult to tell without losing the thread!) that weave their way through the plot. As is now Spira mirabilis' custom for the 18th-century repertoire, the musicians will play on instruments from Mozart's time or copies of them, in the conviction that their very special sound, together with a historically aware reading of the text, can open up further emotions for both player and listener.
A morning workshop for Formigine school children and a performance of the opera in concert form will conclude this first encounter, laying the foundations for the second and more challenging project in July 2023. 


Concert Formigine

19/12/2022 21:00
Polisportiva Formiginese (Formigine Italy) View map


  • Marina Arrufat Grau Violin
  • Daniele Arzuffi Oboe
  • Elia Bianucci Clarinet
  • Lorenza Borrani Violin
  • Francesco Bossaglia Horn
  • Ursina Braun Cello
  • Edmund Caird Voice
  • Miriam Caldarini Clarinet
  • Maria Alba Carmona Tobella Oboe
  • Ella de Jongh Voice
  • Michele Fattori Bassoon
  • Erika Ferroni Trumpet
  • Timoti Fregni Violin
  • Sian Eleanor Griffiths Voice
  • Sebastian George Gwilt Violin
  • Anna Krimm Viola
  • David López Ibáñez Violin
  • Adam Thomas Maxey Voice
  • Rosa Montañés Cebriá Percussions
  • Margherita Naldini Doublebass
  • Emma Parmigiani Violin
  • Carles Perez Esteve Horn
  • Isabelle Christine Peters Voice
  • Francesca Piccioni Viola
  • Laura Pou Cabello Flute
  • James Joseph Quilligan Voice
  • Miquel Ramos Salvadó Clarinet
  • Jaume Sangra Armengol Theater
  • Andrea Santiago Carrillo Violin
  • Paula Sanz Alasa Violin
  • Elisabeth Sordia Viola
  • Lara Rosemary Sullivan Violin
  • Giacomo Tesini Violin
  • Katy Margaret Thomson Voice
  • Marco Toro Trumpet
  • Francesca Torri Flute
  • Samuel Calvert Utley Voice
  • Klara Theresia Wincor Cello
  • Heidrun Wirth-Metzler Bassoon