Mozart - Symphony No. 39 in E-flat major K 543 4 - 9 December 2009

When a new chamber orchestra is born, usually starts its path from Mozart and Haydn. We never felt Spira as a "chamber orchestra" though, and when the idea of it came to our mind we decided that Mozart and Haydn should have been our final goal: that's why the decision of studying a Mozart symphony in our way came after 2 years of work with the group. We did practice Mozart works before, in Barcelona with our teacher Lorenzo Coppola, but we never dared to do it on our own.

We chose to work on period instrument, and an amazingly demanding symphony like Mozart 39: the challenge of performing on these instruments in our hometown Formigine, in front of the people used to our "modern" sound, was bold, but people enjoyed the symphony as much as the other ones and had the chance -in a particularly lively and funny question-time after the concert - to know more about these beautiful, charming, difficult instruments. Our first Mozart was done!


Concert Formigine

08/12/2009 21:00
Polisportiva Formiginese (Formigine Italy) View map

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  • Nicola Barbieri Doublebass
  • Camille Bloch Cello
  • Lea Boesch Viola
  • Lorenza Borrani Violin
  • Francesco Bossaglia Horn
  • Miriam Caldarini Clarinet
  • Michal Duris Violin
  • Michele Fattori Bassoon
  • Timoti Fregni Violin
  • Katherine Elizabeth Morgan Goldsmith Horn
  • Gabriele Gombi Bassoon
  • Fruzsina Hara Trumpet
  • Simone Jandl Viola
  • Paolo Lambardi Violin
  • Andrea Mascetti Violin
  • Antonio Mercurio Doublebass
  • Anne Parisot Flute
  • Marco Piantoni Violin
  • Lia Previtali Viola
  • Ana Margarida Roque Pereira de Melo Clarinet
  • Antoine SigurĂ© Timpani
  • Michal Stahel Cello
  • Giacomo Tesini Violin
  • Tommaso Tesini Cello
  • Marco Toro Trumpet
  • Kathrin Ruth von Cube Viola
  • Malin William-Olsson Violin