Schubert - Symphony No. 3 in D major D200 10 - 16 March 2010

Schubert's Third Symphony is often considered a "small" work, for the number of musicians, proportions, emotional range. Completely lacking in malice or strong dramatic impetus, it was not easy to convince people that it could bear alone the weight of a whole concert.
On the contrary, it was a subject of study that has rarely given so much back. Besides, it stimulated comments among the audience of Formigine and Mestre that we still remember today as some of the most evocative and uniting.


Concert Formigine

15/03/2010 21:00
Polisportiva Formiginese (Formigine Italy) View map

Concert Mestre

16/03/2010 21:00
Teatro Toniolo (Venezia Italy) View map

Photo Gallery


  • Giulia Barbini Flute
  • Lorenza Borrani Violin
  • Francesco Bossaglia Horn
  • Ursina Braun Cello
  • Federico Bresciani Violin
  • Luise Buchberger Cello
  • Miriam Caldarini Clarinet
  • Sandrine Lise Anne Canova Violin
  • Michal Duris Violin
  • Michele Fattori Bassoon
  • Timoti Fregni Violin
  • Gabriele Gombi Bassoon
  • Olga Hansen Viola
  • Simone Jandl Viola
  • Anna Krimm Viola
  • Paolo Lambardi Violin
  • Andrea Landi Cello
  • Matteo Martizi Timpani
  • Santiago Medina Cepeda Violin
  • Michele Naglieri Clarinet
  • Ayumi Anna Paul Violin
  • Katharina Naomi Paul Violin
  • Juan Sebastián Ruiz Jaen Doublebass
  • Luca Stocco Oboe
  • Tommaso Tesini Cello
  • Giacomo Tesini Violin
  • Marco Toro Trumpet
  • Martine Värnik Oboe
  • Alja Velkaverh Flute
  • Andrea Vonk Trumpet
  • Amie R Weiss Violin
  • Tim-Erik Winzer Viola
  • Katherine Anne Woolley Horn