Schubert - Symphony No. 4 in C minor D 417 "Tragic" 14 - 21 February 2008

"Snobbish… Shapeless and strengthless…naive and pretentious… a far from admirable performance ". Our first appearance in Formigine was after a period of study focusing on Schubert’s Fourth Symphony. It was one of the most intense and deep ever and forced us to deal with critiques for the first time, and scathing ones they were too! Perhaps now- thinking back on that moment and listening to the result of such careful work - we smile realizing a lot of time has passed, and that today many things would have other form and aspects… Barcelona was about to come, with its profound revolution that would have an impact on us all.


Concert-Lesson Formigine

18/02/2008 10:00
Sala Loggia (Formigine Italy)

Concert-Lesson Formigine

19/02/2008 10:00
Sala Loggia (Formigine Italy)

Concert Corlo

20/02/2008 21:00
Teatro Incontro (Corlo di Formigine (MO) Italy)

Concert Carpi

21/02/2008 21:00
Auditorium San Rocco (Carpi MO Italy) View map

Photo Gallery


  • Guna Aboltina Cello
  • Alison Bach Horn
  • Luigi Bartolini Trumpet
  • Nicola Bignami Violin
  • Lorenza Borrani Violin
  • Francesco Bossaglia Horn
  • Michal Duris Violin
  • Michele Fattori Bassoon
  • Luca Franzetti Cello
  • Timoti Fregni Violin
  • Gianni Giangrasso Timpani
  • Katherine Elizabeth Morgan Goldsmith Horn
  • Gabriele Gombi Bassoon
  • Katharina Hotzenecker Violin
  • Maiko Ishiguro Flute
  • Simone Jandl Viola
  • Gunilla Kerrich Violin
  • Andrea Landi Cello
  • Ishay Lantner Clarinet
  • Luca Mariani Oboe
  • Andrea Mascetti Violin
  • Ada Meinich Viola
  • Antonio Mercurio Doublebass
  • Michele Naglieri Clarinet
  • Yumi Onda Violin
  • Mattia Petrilli Flute
  • Anna Puig Viola
  • Behrang Rassekhi Viola
  • Giuseppe Russo Horn
  • Luca Stocco Oboe
  • Tommaso Tesini Cello
  • Marco Toro Trumpet